Made from the highest grade Rose Quartz crystal, our facial roller is an essential tool in your skincare routine.

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Young LDN Jade Roller Rose Quartz Facial Roller
Young LDN Jade Roller Rose Quartz Facial Roller
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  • A gentle roll will massage the face to help cool and soothe puffiness, promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity, blood circulation, and relieve any facial tension leaving your skin with an enviable glow! The Young LDN Facial Roller is the massage tool that will transform your skincare routine - putting the power of massage quite literally in your hands.

    • Tension relief
    • Cooling and de-puffing
    • Increased lymphatic drainage
    • Better blood circulation
    • Increased skin elasticity
    • Gently roll the smaller roller clockwise around the eye socket, going from the lower, inner edge towards the tear duct, rocking it gently as you go. Do this three times.
    • Next, place the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using a gentle rocking motion, and press lightly to encourage lymph drainage in the eye zone, ease blocked sinuses and reduce puffiness.
    • With the larger roller, make broad 'sweeps', always working away from the nose area. Roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolleté (neckline) area.