20th November, 2020



Before we begin, we just have to say don’t panic! No really. We know this year has been a roller coaster ride but fortunately it’s nearly over (for this year anyway). November has finally rolled around, and the countdown has officially begun to the big C (not Covid, Christmas!).  With the never-ending gift exchanges during the Christmas period, it can be hard to come up with something original – no one wants socks again for the 5th year running! This year is going to be slightly different for many, but one thing remains the same, the desire to make every gift given feel really and truly unique to the receiver. Even the smallest twist on a generic gift can show loved ones you’ve put the time and effort into the gesture but here at Young LDN we think you can definitely go one better. We’ve rounded up the best unique gifts to get your beauty obsessed loved ones, because let’s be honest, if there’s one person who doesn’t need more money this year it’s ‘Mr Amazon’, Jeff Bezos…


Nothing says me-time like a long skin-pampering sesh and there’s just something oh-so-special about receiving a hand selected luxury skincare gift set. Since we all have a lot more time on our hands, giving the gift of perfect skin can be something that they treasure well into 2021.

The Circadia ‘Sleigh All Day’ Essentials Kit is the perfect gift for your skincare fanatics this Christmas. It’s filled with a trio of powerhouse formulations designed to give you the best skin of your winter life. We’re talking hydration, hydration, hydration! Start with the Micro Exfoliating Honey Cleanser to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse the skin. Follow with the Vitamin C Reversal Serum, this brightening skincare superhero helps to combat dry and dull looking skin and ward against damaging free radicals like pollution. Finally finish with a spritz of the Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist and say hi to locked in hydration that lasts all day.

Any skincare junky will tell you the gift of ‘glow’ is priceless. Dermaceutic’s Brighten Winter Skin Gift Set is a high-performance tool kit for cultivating that visibly glowing insta-worthy skin. After some really impressive results? Then look no further as this set contains some of Dermaceutic’s most powerful ingredient combinations. These glow goodies include the Foamer 15 Expert Cleanser, which contains 15% Glycolic Acid to help promote cell turnover and clear congested skin. The C25 Cream is a potently packed Vitamin C antioxidant concentrate, perfect for added brightness and protecting against fluctuating temperatures. Topped off with the Derma Defence Cream which provides you with a daily defence against the elements and is packed with highly effective ingredients to keep you glowing all season long.

Dermaceutic Christmas Gift Set

Is your skincare lover not a fan of multi-step routines? Bad Norwegian’s Gift Set combines just two products to provide all you need for a great two step routine. This targeted gift set combines the aptly named triple action Wash Face Cleanser and the advanced Revitalize Face Anti-Wrinkle Cream to provide the essentials for good skin all in one place. Saving space in the bathroom that’s for sure!


The beauty industry’s obsession with sheet masks is REAL. Whether its #maskingmetime or #Sundaysheetsessions these carefully selected sheet masks make the perfect stocking filler for the beauty lover in your life who has everything.

For those wanting a deep clean and a selfie worthy snap, the Milu Bubble Foam Sheet Mask exactly fits the bill. Designed for extra pore care and to control excess oil in the skin, the bubbly bamboo sheet mask detoxifies with infused charcoal and brightens with grapefruit extract.

The biggest buzz word in the industry right now? Retinol! This mask is full of it (quite literally). The Milu 2-Step Retinol Hydrogel Mask is a game-changing and ultra-thin hydrogel mask. It’s an iridescent miracle worker which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone in just 15 minutes. With a concealed retinol capsule within the mask you can enjoy your 15 minutes of fame relaxation and then add the serum to your face for miracles that really do work overnight.


Over the last year, CBD has become one of the buzziest ingredients in skincare, but does it actually live up to the hype? Much like the rest of our bodies, stress and worry can have a huge impact on the condition of our skin. We produce more stress hormones, which can lead to breakouts and a huge number of additional biological stressors. Additionally, stress can also contribute to a duller complexion. Check and check.

The OTO CBD Glowing Skin Gift Set is filled with 3 CBD infused skincare products to leave you feeling refreshed, refocused and revitalised from the inside out. Including a day cream, day serum and lip balm OTO’s brand new gift set helps to provide the perfect get up and go, no matter what the day (or year) might throw at you.

OTO CBD Skincare Gift Set

Looking for the perfect handbag or pocket accessory? Now you can take your CBD with you on the go with the OTO CBD Roll-On Oil. CBD oil doesn’t only benefit the skin, far from it. By encouraging homeostasis (read: balance) within the body, CBD can improve our mood and combat negative emotions such as anxiety to help you feel more present in each moment. With two incredible scents: Amply (bergamot, bitter orange, and sandalwood) and Focus (rosemary, ylang yang and peppermint), there’s sure to be a perfect fit.

Did you know that regular intake of CBD helps to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and promote a restful and fulfilling night’s sleep? With anxiety, stress and pain being three of the main causes of insomnia, OTO’s even got you covered at bedtime with the CBD Sleep Drops. With 10% CBD and a blend of botanicals to help you wind down and switch off. Simply release the dropper under the tongue after brushing your teeth and hold for 30 seconds before bed. Did we mention it’s also got a refreshingly minty taste?


We all know that one person whose home is their castle, and you know, the type that freaks out over a candle? Well you’re in luck, these Amber Noir scented beauties will have your interiors obsessive running in before you can even say ‘take your shoes off’. The Golden Fords No.3 Amber Noir Reed Diffuser and Scented Candle are both hand crafted with top notes of grapefruit, lemon and spicy rum leading into a heat of black lily, rose and geranium for depth. Topped off with a twist of pomegranate, black amber, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli make this delicious indoor scent one for pride of place.

Amber Noir Wood Wick Candle


Yes, you read that right, keeping a youthful appearance is just as much about what you do with your face as what you apply to it. Whether it’s a stimulating self-facial massage or an ice-cold treatment Young LDN has got your facial needs covered. You’d be right in thinking it’s basically a workout for your face…

The YOUNG LDN Cryo Ball Set needs a little bit of prior preparation to get started. Place your Cryoballs in the freezer for 24 hours before use. Once frozen, remove any excess water or ice and begin to massage your face by gently rolling in steady circular upward motions. In 5-8 minutes, you can have all the benefits of your very own at home-cryo facial to dramatically de-puff, regulate blood circulation and tighten the skin. Expect eye raising results, literally.

If you think your receiver would prefer their treatments a little more room temperature, the YOUNG LDN Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Facial Roller Set could be perfect. Not only does it look simply divine in millennial pink, but it packs a punch. Get both the benefits of the Rose Quartz Facial Roller (to help promote lymphatic drainage, improve skin elasticity, blood circulation, and relieve any facial tension) and the Gua Sha to promote define the contours of the face and detoxify. Top tip: roll the Rose Quartz Facial Roller over the exterior of the neck and shoulders for a deep release. You’ll feel like you’ve been to a spa in the comfort of your own home.

All the products mentioned make a perfect Christmas present for you or your loved one and are available exclusively via our website while stocks last. Keep an eye on our social media and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about some absolutely epic Christmas offers. Don’t walk, RUN!